At Waseley Hills High School, we believe that homework is an essential part of your child’s learning. Through completing home learning, students are provided with the opportunity to revise key concepts and an opportunity to consolidate their learning, deepening their understanding of core knowledge.

Homework at Waseley Hills:

  • Consolidates learning that has taken place within the classroom. Tasks are designed to retrieve prior knowledge to support students with retaining this in their long-term memory.
  • Provides opportunity for deliberate practice outside of the classroom.
  • Where possible, provides students with instant feedback which enables them to know their areas of strength and focus.
  • Is reviewed by teachers to identify misconceptions and these are addressed within the classroom.

Frequency of Home Learning

KS3 & KS4

Core Subjects

Students are set one piece of home learning per week in the following subjects: Maths, English and Science. Tasks will take approximately 30 minutes to complete and will act as a method of consolidating knowledge that has been taught in lessons.

Foundation Subjects

Students in all other subjects will be set one piece of home learning every two weeks.  Tasks will take approximately 30 minutes to complete and will only act as a method of consolidating knowledge.


All Subjects

Students will be set one hour of independent study work for every one hour of teaching time that they have. This work will either be flipped learning, where students explore materials and research ahead of a lesson or work which consolidates knowledge.


Where will I find my child’s homework?

Teachers will set home learning using Satchel One (formerly known as Show My Homework) and can be checked on the parent portal. Teachers will provide clear instructions for how to complete tasks including any links to online platforms for students to access. Both parents and students will be able to see when homework has been set and when homework is due, supporting learners to develop independence and ownership over their studies.

Guidance for how to login as a parent / carer can be found here:

What type of homework will be set?

We have invested in effective online platforms to support students with their learning in core subjects and teachers have created knowledge organisers for foundation subjects. Students will be set instructions centrally on Satchel One with deadlines and the link to their homework will also be posted here.
Satchel One can be accessed via the following weblink or via downloading the app on student devices. 

Please see the links to the online platforms below. Your child will be issued with their login details by their class teacher.

Foundation subjects such as Art, Drama, IT, Music and RPE will set knowledge consolidation tasks for your child to complete. All students will be issued with a hard copy of the foundation knowledge organisers in a booklet to use at home along with online copies on our school website.

Online Home Learning Platforms
We will endeavour to set homework on the outlined day below wherever possible.


Set Date

Online Platform

Link to the Online Platform









Carousel Learning









Active Learning


Rewards for Completion and Sanctions for Incomplete Homework:

We recognise that there may be occasions where learners forget to complete their homework and we want to support them with an opportunity to re-submit.


We reward all homework submissions using our Waseley ETHIC Points. These contribute towards our House Points and enable students to purchase rewards throughout the year.


1. Failure to complete homework (first occasion):

Your child’s class teacher will provide your child with an opportunity to re-submit their work.

2. Failure to complete homework on a second occasion:

Your child’s class teacher will issue your child with a class teacher detention.

3. Failure to attend the subject detention will result in a Head of Department detention.


If your child has any questions regarding how to access their homework, we encourage them to speak with their class teacher in the first instance followed by the subject lead


Knowledge Organisers