Parent Forum

Meeting 18th June 2018 - 6PM

Agenda Items:

1) Parent and Support Governors
2) School Website – parent feedback
3) Go4Schools and progress reporting

Wow! We had a great meeting on Tuesday evening.  Huge thanks to everyone who attended and shared their views.

Parent and Support Governors:

Parents were reminded of the key role parent governors hold in our school.  All parents should have received a letter explaining how to submit nominations for the two roles available. 

School Website:

After a quick tour of the new website parents worked in pairs to list what they would like to see on our website.  The feedback was detailed and should improve the information we provide to parents and the community through the webpage in the near future.  Watch this space!

Go for Schools:

After a previous meeting where parents asked for more information on their child's progress we have been working hard to develop our 'Go 4 Schools' system.  This should be live in the new academic year and it is hoped that by the end of the Autumn term parents will be able to access live assessment data online.

New methods for reporting progress three times a year were shared.  This follows our existing system for ATLs but both Progress and Attitude to Learning descriptors include supporting guidance where parents can find information on how to help their child in their next steps.

Feedback and the Waseley Workout:

Mr Baker delivered a session to parents showcasing how teachers give feedback to pupils.  This included our SWANs marking policy where teachers provide 'Strengths, Weakness and Next Steps'.  

The 'Waseley Workout' was shared with parents.  This is the method by which pupils 'Work out' what they need to do next based on the tecahers comments.  They then have time in lessons to 'Workout' improving their work in green pen.  Look out for this work in their books and please talk to your children about their 'Workouts'.








What would you like your Forum to be? How would you like it to be run? What sort of things would you like to discuss?

We value your input and involvement in Waseley Hills High School life and for the Forum to be effective in meeting the needs of our parents, we need your input.

We hold termly Parent Forum meetings during which we invite guest speakers and hold workshops where our parents can discuss key issues and ask questions.


Let us know the subject matters that are important to you and if you have anything you wish to discuss.

Similarly, if you would like to be involved in helping with the Parent Forum, please get in touch with us.

Areas Discussed at the Parent Forum so far include:

  • Homework and Independent Learning Challenges (KS3 only)
  • Curriculum
  • School Website
  • Communication
  • Trips and Visits

Parents’ Forum Meetings

Autumn Term - Tuesday 19th October 2018

Spring Term - Tuesday 26th February 2019

Summer Term - Tuesday 18th June 2019


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