Course title: GCSE Mathematics

Course leader: Mr S Parsons

Examination board: Edexcel

Exam Specification :

Revision Guides:  Pearson

Parents can order from Pearson or other retailers if they have not placed an order through school.

Other companies also produce revision guides such as Letts and CGP. Parents need to make sure the book has the new 9-1 content or reference to 2015 Curriculum.

Extra support and guidance:

 Useful Websites

All students have a login to activelearn

This is best accessed on a pc/laptop using the Chrome Browser – please ensure you allow pop-ups for this site to function correctly

Corbett Maths

mathswatch VLE

Password and username already handed out – we will explain the features in September

Past Papers

These can be found on many websites. We have them on the school VLE

Exam Structure

 3 Papers each 90 minutes long. The first of these is a non-calculator paper and the last two are calculator papers. Two tiers of entry which are Higher and Foundation.