Media Studies

  • Course title: GCSE Media Studies
  • Course leader: Mr M Oakley
  • Examination board:  WJEC / EDUQAS


Component 1: Exploring the Media

Written examination: 1 hour 30 minutes = 40% of qualification

Section A: Exploring Media Language and Representation

Section B: Exploring Media Industries and Audiences

Component 2: Understanding Media Forms and Products

Written examination: 1 hour 30 minutes = 30% of qualification

Section A: Television

Section B: Music (music videos and online media)

Component 3: Creating Media Products

Non-exam assessment = 30% of qualification

An individual media production for an intended audience in response to a choice of briefs set by WJEC, applying knowledge and understanding of media language and representation.


Revision Materials

Key Media Concepts: BBC Bitesize

EDUQAS : Youtube videos